SUS retroactively runs fee referendum questions following confusion over constitution

The Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) is retroactively running two referendum questions regarding student fees that were collected in the January statement for all Science and Arts & Science students. The SUS Base Fee and the newly-introduced Student Space Improvement Fee (SCSS) were collected under the impression that their referendum questions had passed when students had

McGill admin endorses international student tuition deregulation at Senate

Four Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Senators moved a question on the McGill’s stance on the deregulation of international tuition fees during the first Senate meeting of 2015 last Wednesday in order to better understand the future of tuition for international students in faculties where tuition is still regulated. The Faculties of Management, Science, Engineering,

Square Viger in Old Montreal is a frequent refuge for the homeless community.  (Jack Neal / McGill Tribune)

Removal of Viger Square homeless encampment by SPVM spurs reaction from Anonymous

Following the Jan. 7 bulldozing of a homeless encampment in Viger Square, the Service de Police de la ville de Montreal  (SPVM) has responded to subsequent backlash. In November 2014, Anonymous, a hacker collective, began an initiative called Operation Safe Winter (OpSafeWinter). The initiative’s goal was to protect the homeless community through provision of blankets,

SSMU’s Equity Policy, McGill’s hiring practices under revision under VP University Affairs

The Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Equity Policy is currently undergoing revision by the SSMU Equity Committee to increase its accessibility and simplicity. According to member Robin Nyamakye, the committee has been working on the definition of terms last semester, with the aim of providing a comprehensive and easily readable document for SSMU staff,


Commentary: Diffusing anglophone tension in Quebec

Anglophone-francophone relations in Quebec have not been off to a good start in 2015 as the tension and unrest within anglophone communities is reaching a climax. Graham Fraser, the official language commissioner of Canada, recently made a call for the Quebec government to create an Office of Anglophone Affairs, a request that was promptly shut




Super Bowl XLIX Preview

  The McGill Tribune sports section previews Super Bowl XLIX. Two writers square off to decide whether the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks will hoist the Lombardi Trophy. McGill personalities, native New Englander and Creative Director Hayley Lim, and native Seattleite and Managing Director, Jess Fu weigh in with their picks. Click each

Science & Technology

MIMM students working in the lab. (Photo courtesy of Samantha Gruenheid)

Research project engages undergraduates in research

Unlike traditional courses, where students perform predictable experiments to learn laboratory techniques, MIMM 212’s (Laboratory in Microbiology) students are on the front lines of scientific research.  The course is part of the Small World Initiative (SWI), a project based out of Yale University that seeks to engage undergraduates in scientific research tackling the real-world problem

Student Living

The art of pouring tea. (Courtesy of

Out on the Town: Experience the art of tea infusion

The scent of steeped jasmine flowers has enchanted artists, scholars, and travellers for centuries. In East Asia, enjoying the drink is dressed with ritual. Through centuries of cultivation, the custom associated with serving tea developed through generations of tea houses, some as aged as the traditions themselves.  This rich craft is often fractured by urban

Arts & Entertainment

Photo courtesy of Afram Media

Windy City for the win in AUTS’ Chicago

Part of the thrill that comes from live musical theatre is knowing that something could go wrong at any moment, but rarely does. The best theatre uses this to its advantage, radiating a sense of jubilant spontaneity that wriggles its way into the audience’s hearts and leaves them humming the songs on the walk home.

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